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  1. Filozofu' says:

    What the hell is with that communist poster? :))


    1. Andrei says:

      I think is to do with 8 MARTIE. ziua mamei/femeii, things like that. From the picture, I deduce that the ‘communist’ aspect is womans lib. Forget cleaning, cooking, religion and things like that, and go join the womens revolution.


    2. x says:

      simple.. a beautiful poster and allusion about the history of “ziua mamei” or “ziua femeii”, originally a communist/socialist celebration. however, i think a posters with Elena would look much better.


    3. Sam R. says:

      Wha? You didn’t click on the picture? Bad, bad…. :P Escape the drudgery of housework, Comrade Sisters! :D


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