Outstanding News

Well I’ve never denied I’m an ambitious cuss but one of the many treasures of living in Romania is that you learn a little patience.

I originally wanted to have my book The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania in bookstores by Christmas. Obviously that didn’t happen. Today however, I have some good news.

At long last, after many (many) emails back and forth, a few face-to-face meetings and yes, even a shot (or two) of good ole țuica, all the papers have been signed in triplicate and the Official Stamps of Stampiness have all been stamped, and my book is now legally for sale in the land of Dacia Felix, otherwise known as Romania.

If you’re interested, the various methods of obtaining it can be found here or at the top of the blog.

I’ve already sent out feelers to some Romanian bookstores and we’ll see what comes of it but I have a good feeling that the smart ones are going to jump on this opportunity.

The cover price for any single copy is going to remain 50 lei or about 12 Euros but there are discounts for bulk (more than 10) orders.

If you live in Romania and you’ve been waiting on buying a copy of this book, click on the link to find out how you can get your hands on it. Outside of Romania there are a multitude of options (including digital formats), and all of them come with a free preview.

For those of you who are completists, the version being printed in Romania is slightly different (A5 versus the USA size, which is in inches) and it has a different colored cover but otherwise the text inside is the same.

If you know anyone who might be interested in buying and/or reviewing a copy (in Romania), don’t hesitate to send them the link!

And for the hundreds (wow!) of you who have already purchased a copy, THANK YOU! I send you a virtual bouquet of flowers from the bottom of my heart :)

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