Slang Word of the Day: Mess

The other night at the book party a couple of people I’ve written about many times on this website attended and it was great catching up with them. One of them used a word I knew quite well but had forgotten about: mess.

It’s a local short form of the longer “Yahoo Messenger”, the instant messaging program, although sometimes Romanians just call any IM program (MSN, AIM, ICQ, etc) “mess”.


Friend: Mai vorbim pe mess!

Translation: We’ll speak later on Yahoo Messenger (or some other instant messaging program).

The funny (or sometimes annoying) thing is that even Romanians who are completely fluent in English still call it “mess” without ever once thinking about it as referring to “disorder” or “disaster” or any of those connotations.


One thought on “Slang Word of the Day: Mess

  1. Oh, allow me to add some more mess here…
    You know about “pup” as in “te pup”, as in “kiss (you)”. Which is actually pronounced as “poop”. Well, some took this to a whole new level, in going halfway to English spelling with the poor Romanian word, so you can actually see on Facebook, or in “mess”, constructions like “poop”, “poopici”, “te poop”, the boys and girls being completely oblivious as to what they just came up with.
    Although this is pretty rare, I also witnessed the full “ctitoria” sometimes in the pure form of “poop you” meant as “kiss you” but…well…such is life.

    The other hilarious thing that cracks me up every time is when someone missed the “a” in the greeting word (“Salut!”). Just imagine the level of mess that this can lead to. Especially when flirting would hopefully be in order but catastrophe hit the virtual “matrix” with the very first word in the conversation. :)

    Well, we can’t go about life without the fun part, so you got to appreciate it in all forms it’s being “served”.

    Hey, you have a good day, let the hate mail go away ;).


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