The Big News!

Yes! Folks it is time to unveil the big news at last!

About a week ago, some kind soul turned a Facebook link to this blog into some kind of viral phenomenon amongst Romanians (and Romaniophiles). I watched, shocked, as the number of visitors climbed through the roof.

And then the outpouring of comments, incredibly generous. And simultaneously, as both The Woman and I read with jaws agape, a few people started mentioning that I ought to write a book.

What only she and I knew was that I had quit my job in July of this year to write a book. And now yes, happily and wonderfully serendipitously, the book is finished and ready for sale on December 1, Romania’s birthday. Last week’s sudden influx of new visitors and the timing on this book getting finished is just unbelievably overwhelming and I still can hardly believe it.

The book is entitled The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania: 2011 and comes in at 374 pages in the paperback version. It is literally just about everything I know about Romania, refined and edited into a complete guide to visiting, traveling in and living in Romania.

The paperback version is being sold via Amazon’s website. The “regular” Amazon webpage isn’t up yet though (give it about a week).

However it is for sale directly via this page. Incidentally, the price for the paperback will be identical on either page but the linked page gives a greater percentage of the royalties to the author (that’s me!).

The USA Kindle electronic version can be found here.

The UK Kindle electronic version can be found here.

The Barnes and Noble NOOK version can be found here.

Other formats will be coming soon, including Apple’s iPad.

What can I say? I am absolutely, positively thrilled about this book and I had a blast writing it. If you like my blog, you’re definitely going to recognize what’s in this book. Some of the chapters are modified from previous blog posts but there’s a lot of new material in there as well.

Please click on the links and check it out. I’m pretty sure you can see free previews of the book. If you like what you see, please post some nice reviews out there, so some poor soul heading to Romania unprepared knows this is the one book to have, jeez!

And if you want to help me, feel free to post links on your own blog or Twitter or stumble upon or tumblr or whatever other kinds of websites you use (Facebook?).

That’s the big news.


13 thoughts on “The Big News!

  1. *taps on microphone* Is this thing on? I have yet to hear you speak romanian for me to believe it. So it’s english for now. Sau bine, nah, iti acord increderea mea. Putem cumpara si personal cartea? Asta ca sa ii evit pe cretinii de la Amazon care acum un an inca nu erau convinsi ca Romania e o tara reala asa ca nu livrau aici. Ne vedem in Flowers daca vrei :D

    You bring the book, I’ll bring the unmarked bills.


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