Sweet Llamas of the Bahamas!

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the very first independent review of this blog ever! Dulce-i vinul:

Recently, I came across a new blog that is virtually the cultural equivalent of Filius Lunae’s raw linguistics focus for Romanian: I’m more Romanian than Thou. The blog’s author, Sam, is an American who moved to Romania, and, from there, shares her views and experiences as a foreigner adapting to Romanian life.

Click on the link to read the entire thing :D

UPDATE: Here is a Romanian-language review of my blog.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Llamas of the Bahamas!

  1. yeah craiova….or rm. valcea…beutiful cities…and the way they speak romanian (i’m moldovean from vaslui) is entertaining especially if the person that speaks it is drunk..


    1. Well I also think people from Vaslui (I have three close friends from there) talk funny and of course they all pick on me and try to make me use the “perfect simple”. Then they try it… monumentally failing of course ;). But like I said, we’re friends so it’s all good fun. :)


  2. Sam, I love you :)) thanks for making me addicted to your blog!! You should definitely visit Oltenia if you haven’t for a high-speed training session in talking in Romanian.


  3. Just discovered your blog (via your post on how you learned Romanian) – you’re simply fabulous, keep posting!
    BTW, I left Romania some 11 years ago (moved to Seattle), so now I’m using your blog not only as a source of entertainment but also to learn about the trends in the Romanian social and cultural life. Pure gold, I must say :-)


  4. At the very least, what we take from this is an entertaining inside joke that will last until the apocalypse comes for a very long time. But, more importantly, and it’s worth repeating, good job on the site. :)


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