Sweet Llamas of the Bahamas!

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this is the very first independent review of this blog ever! Dulce-i vinul: Recently, I came across a new blog that is virtually the cultural equivalent of Filius Lunae’s raw linguistics focus for Romanian: I’m more Romanian than Thou. The blog’s author, Sam, is an American who moved to Romania, and, from there, shares her views and experiences as a … Continue reading Sweet Llamas of the Bahamas!

Slang Word of the Day: Beton

You might remember my posts on the slang usage of the words marfa and tare, both of which mean “cool” or “awesome” or “brilliant”. Now here’s yet another word with similar meanings: beton (beh-tone). The standard meaning of this noun, borrowed directly from the French, is “concrete” as in the ancient mixture of sand and water to form a rock-like substance. Over time this got … Continue reading Slang Word of the Day: Beton