In The Room The Women Come And Go (Not Talking Romanian Though)

Gosh, for some reason, recently I was talking about why I blog, especially about all this tedious Romanian stuff (like grammar), since it clearly isn’t for monetary reward. Mostly it’s just a real fun kind of thing for me and I do it just because I enjoy it, I guess.

Well that got me thinking so this morning I fiddled around Google for a while, especially looking for Romanian slang but also for courses or online info on how to learn Romanian.

I guess it’s quite flattering but half of the pages out there (esp w/r/t slang) are all written by me. Wow! I certainly had no idea there was such a dearth of information online in this day and age.

My perennially popular story about how I learned Romanian in “37 easy steps” is of course on the sidebar but I really assumed things were much better now than in “the old days”.

There are 24 million Romanian speakers out there, 4-5 million of them outside of Romania (and RM), and there are at least 8 million (foreign) visitors to Romania per year. Clearly there are a lot of non-Romanian speakers encountering Romanian speakers, both while traveling here, in business and of course personal relationships (including romance).

I guess the “hard truth” I have to realize here is that close to 100% of these interactions (between speakers of Romanians and others) tend to be in the language of the other person, i.e. not Romanian. It’s literally so easy to get by here on English, German or other languages that there’s almost no true “need” to ever learn the flipping language.

Heck, as sad as this is to acknowledge, I even know Romanians who married a foreigner and moved abroad and now their own children don’t speak Romanian and they (the original Romanian) are forgetting their own language.

And yet here I am, telling you things I already know (albeit with some mistakes, eh? :D) for no money and no “purpose” since not even if you move here tomorrow and stay the rest of your life do you even really need to know or understand any of this.

The few people who are trying to make money do this aren’t apparently doing well. I found this website, which is apparently old and possibly defunct, charging 15 euros an hour for lessons. Wow!

I did read this though, which made me laugh:

Can I learn Romanian without a teacher?

Maybe (just maybe), if you are a genius, you can try to learn English or French on your own. There are good materials to learn some languages, but… not Romanian. So, frankly, you don’t stand a chance, genius or not.

I guess I don’t stand a chance then! :D

I also found this website (possibly) selling a face-to-face course in Bucharest for foreigners, with a lovely quote:

You never get bored in Romania, that’s for sure and one aspect that makes Romania livelier is that the Romanian language is a beautiful one.

Agreed and agreed :D

Honestly, whether there’s any “use” for me to keep writing posts on Romanian grammar, slang and all the other language stuff, I’m going to keep on doing it. I could get squashed by a bus tomorrow and yet these pages will linger on in the internet for years so if it helps someone figure out one situation (or word), even if it’s years from now, then all the better.

I don’t think there’s ever an “end” to this as well. Romanians I know, all native speakers for life, constantly correct each other’s grammar and syntax and laugh at and mock (other native) speakers for their mistakes. Heck, even on the comments on this blog, you can see (native) Romanians arguing over grammatical stuff. So if they haven’t “gotten it all” by now, what chance do I stand? Not much :P

Still, as the quote said, it is a fun language to listen to, speak and converse in and I’ll keep on using it and writing about it for the same reason I learned it in the first place – just because I enjoy it :D

If you do know of a good website listing Romanian slang or the like, please let me know and I’ll add ’em to the sidebar.


3 thoughts on “In The Room The Women Come And Go (Not Talking Romanian Though)

  1. I love this blog. I finally did find a text book that teaches the Romanian grammar adequately and thoroughly… it was written by the professor who teaches Romanian at Ohio State University. But the slang and eccentricities that you expose here are really nice to know.


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