Mystery Food

Can you guess the dish being cooked below?

Soup's Up!

If you’re thinking mamaliga, you’re close but not exactly right!

For bonus points, name the special kind of oven being used.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ghost Dog says:

    Balmoş, obviously :D


  2. Dumnezero says:

    Ai fost la Campionatul de Gatit in Aer Liber, din parcare la POLUS :)

    Uite aici niste clipuri video de la evenimente, to taunt your visitors…

    1st ed.:

    And speaking of romanian tradition, check this out:

    Traditional (rural) method of pig slaughter

    Traditional method for producing Tuica (from plums) / Horinca (from apples, pears etc.) and Palinca (almost identical to Tuica)


  3. Ela says:

    Well, this is hard. Hmm…gulas or ostropel?


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