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  1. Ghost Dog says:

    Balmoş, obviously :D


  2. Dumnezero says:

    Ai fost la Campionatul de Gatit in Aer Liber, din parcare la POLUS :)

    Uite aici niste clipuri video de la evenimente, to taunt your visitors…

    1st ed.: http://www.tv-net.ro/Video-Campionatul-international-de-gatit-in-aer-liber-2008+759

    And speaking of romanian tradition, check this out:

    Traditional (rural) method of pig slaughter

    Traditional method for producing Tuica (from plums) / Horinca (from apples, pears etc.)
    http://www.tv-net.ro/Video-Cum-se-face-tuica+147 and Palinca (almost identical to Tuica) http://www.tv-net.ro/Video-Cum-se-face-palinca+122


  3. Ela says:

    Well, this is hard. Hmm…gulas or ostropel?


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