Slang Word of the Day: Misto

One of the easiest and most colorful slang words in use today in Romania is mișto (meesh-toe), which is an all-purpose adjective meaning “fun, nice, enjoyable” or sometimes “funny”.

I think if I had to choose one English word to universally translate misto as, it would be “delightful” although “cool” would probably be equally common.

This is a direct borrowing from the “gypsy” language (rroma), pronounced the same way and meaning the same thing.

Because it is used as slang, thankfully it doesn’t need to be modified in any way to match number or gender. Therefore a woman or a female noun is never “mista” or something like that :P

Although this word isn’t offensive in any way, it is slangy and so therefore would never be used in proper, official situations.


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