How Sick And Evil Everybody Is

Daca esti roman, blogpostu urmatorul e interzis! Nu-l citesti!

All Romanians cover your eyes!

Yes, for the other three of you in room (hi, Fred :P), this is yet another entry in the category of manele, although it is based off an older Romanian folk song.

The video can be found here and is entitled Ce Perversa E Lumea Si Rea, which I’ve translated to mean “How Sick and Evil Everybody Is”.

Yes, as you can guess, this isn’t a happy, positive song. In fact, it’s downright depressing as hell, full of negativity and extreme pessimism. I went through all the trouble of writing up the lyrics below because it’s a good way to understand one aspect of Romanian mentality.

Without meaning to be prejudicial, I think it is fair to say a substantial percentage of Romanians engage in various levels of behavior which I’ll call Bitterly Cynical Realism, in which an ultra-pessimistic mindset is considered “realistic” as it helps shield you from the disappointments and sufferings of life.

Anyway, click on the link and you can hear the song and get a glimpse of this kind of thinking in action. Obviously all mistakes are mine!

Romanian Literal English Regular English
Niciodata n-am sa uit Never no I have what to forget Never can I forget
prin cate belele eu am trecut. through how many unforeseen runs of bad luck I’ve crossed how many unforeseen runs of bad luck I’ve barely made it through.
Cat mi-a fost de greu, singurel mereu How much me it was of difficulty, the little solo forever How difficult it was, little old me all by myself
stie doar sufletul meu Knows only the soul mine. only my soul knows about.
Biz Chorus/Refrain Chorus/Refrain
Ce perversa e lumea si rea How perverse is everyone and evil How sick and evil everybody is
La rau nu te-ajuta nimenea. At the bad no it is to you help no one When times are tough, nobody will help you.
Ca astazi chiar si aproapele, Like today even and the close ones Just like even today my buddies won’t help me.
La greu iti intoarce sigur spatele. At the difficulty it is to you turned alone the back When difficulties arrive they’ll all turn their backs on you.
La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Asta e lumea This is everyone This is how everybody is
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Perversa si rea perverted and evil sick and evil
Of, n-o mai schimba nimenea/Nici ca o s-o schimbe in veci nimenea. Ach, she no more change no one/Not even will she change in death no one Damn, and they’ll never change/They’ll be that way until the day they die
Atunci cand iti merge rau Then when it is to you going badly Then when things are going badly for you
nimeni nu mai e in jurul tau. no one no more is in surroundings yours no one will stay by your side.
Cand iti merge bine When it is to you going well When things are going well for you
Toti sunt langa tine All are near you everyone flocks around you
Ai prieten pa oricine. you have friend of anyone. and wants to be your friend.
Viata asta-i ca si-o scara. Life this it is like and also a staircase This life is like a staircase.
Dar ea te urca, ea te si coboara. But her she climbs you, she to you also descends You can climb it but you can also descend it too.
Chiar daca esti sarac, chiar daca esti bogat Even if you’re poor, even if you’re rich Even if you’re poor, even if you’re rich
nu uita de unde ai plecat. no forget from where you left. don’t forget where you came from.

Of course I am utterly fascinated with the video portion of this clip because it was clearly filmed “live” in some kind of cafe or bar. Yet even while the filming and singing is going on, all kinds of people are walking around, oblivious to the music! :P There are even waitresses moving around, taking orders and bored patrons looking off the other direction.

Also, riding a pure 1980’s groove, there is not one but two accordion players! Absolutely brilliant, mate.

And last but not least, haters can say what they want to about Guta but it takes some serious gonads to sit up on that crummy little stage with your beer belly hanging out and belt out a long song like that all at one go. Doesn’t mean I want to do it, I’m just saying I give respect where it’s due ;)

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  1. emma says:

    I find extremely funny your passion for everything related to manele…:) And of course absolutely love your blog…
    P.S I’m Romanian:)


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