Word Of The Day: Belea

Since Monday can be a depressing day, it’s a good time to cover a common Romanian noun known as belea (beh-leh-AH).

It’s another one of those nouns that has a number of similar meanings, all adding up to add a layered nuance to the word.

Def. 1: “An unforeseen incident that brings trouble, suffering or disharmony.”

Def. 2: “A complicated and unpleasant situation.”

In my imagination I can see someone involved in some nightmarish divorce proceedings that are extremely lengthy and emotionally gut-wrenching and cost a lot of money and headaches. That would be o belea.

A lot of Romanians believe their lives are plagued by many instances of one belea or sometimes multiple, entertwined belele.

There’s also often a strong emphasis on the victimhood of the person suffering from being involved in a belea and he/she is not to blame and in fact it is completely unfair it is even happening to them!


6 thoughts on “Word Of The Day: Belea

  1. Technically there’s a third meaning and it’s heavily used among cocalari and manelari; “de belea” or simply “belea” can also designate something that is a good thing.

    Beleaua aia de fata e belea frate.

    That awful girl(could mean annoying family, poor manners, morals or a cock-tease) is really awesome (usually translatable by pretty, hot, amazing).


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