Pate and Caviar

When you’ve spent most of your life in Romania you sometimes don’t see what is quite surprising to a newcomer. One of those things is how often and with how much enthusiasm Romanians eat caviar and pate (pâté).

These are two extremely common foods used to make sandwiches (or spread on a single slice of bread) and chances are you will be offered one or both of them if you spend any time here.

I should amend this by saying that some people hear “pate” and think of only pate de fois gras or the one made from duck liver. I assume that’s possible to find in Romania but the pate here is basically little cans of spreadable meat.

Saying “meat paste” sounds fairly prejudicial compared to “pate” but in reality they’re both the same thing. Romanian pate comes in the spreadable pork, chicken and fish varieties.

TRUE FACT: Romanians like pate so much they even have a variety of vegetarian pates, easily found in most stores.

As for caviar, that is usually fish eggs (actually, harvested ovaries about to bud) and salted in the style made famous in Russia. Some Romanian caviar (Rom: icre) is of this variety but a lot of time it is again made into a kind of seasoned spread, often with a dairy component.

So there you go. Your average Romanian likes to kick back and enjoy a lunch of pate and caviar :)


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  1. RTDK says:

    dan is right. And as far as pateu is concerned, it is not spreadable meat. It is, in fact, obtained from liver but not only from ducks but also pork, chicken or geese. So no, not meat.



  2. dan says:

    Caviar is black icre, very expensive and rare to come by. Icre come from widely spread, inferior fish. Doesn’t mean icre from stiuca aren’t delicious.

    I know caviar is found in Morun & sturion (sturgeon), possibly others. But these two fish are rare as fuck in the Danube.


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