Slang Word of the Day – Hopa

Hopa (pronounced hope-ah) is a tough word to translate because it’s used in two different situations.

The most general way to think of regular hopa is something like “oops-a-daisies”.

For example:

Waiter drops some dishes – HOPA!

Your friend stumbles on the sidewalk – HOPA!

You spill beer on yourself because you’re drunk – HOPA!

The other way it’s used is in the expression hopa sus (hope-ah seuss) which means something like “come on, you can do it, you can climb this thing”.

For example:

Little kid, whose hand you’re holding, is trying to walk up the next stair – HOPA SUS!

You’re helping a friend board the incredibly steep stairs of a train – HOPA SUS!

Little kid falls of his sled and you’re encouraging him to get back on it – HOPA SUS!

You fall off a horse in a desperate attempt to impress a chick and the instructor patiently tells you to quit clowning around and get back on – HOPA SUS!

Hmm…. maybe a better translation for hopa sus would be “up and at ’em” otherwise known in some parts as “up and Adam” LOL.


9 thoughts on “Slang Word of the Day – Hopa

  1. Holy mother of cheese, you are seriously Romanian. I’ve learned more about Romania in the past 30 minutes than I’ve learned in my 31 years of life.


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