Everyone Is Hopping Mad in Moldova

I’m not going to bother unpacking the election results in Moldova because I doubt there’s a single person with an open mind reading this. Believe what you want.

The Locus of Control

Word Count: 2729 You know, after about six years of covering scandals, failures, problems, crimes, the media, and other sources of misery in Romania (and to a lesser extent, the Republic of Moldova), I’ve lately found myself thinking about the bigger picture. If you narrow your focus on the scandal of the day, it’s easy…

The Curious Case of Aniva Consult Technologies

The Unsleeping Eye brought my attention to an innocuous little piece on a Spanish-language AV blog, which seems to be a repost of a company press release from December 2015: eyevis technology has been chosen to display the decisions and debates of the politicians who govern Romania. Two video walls made up of EYE-LCD-6000-SN 60-inch…

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