Do-It-Yourself Romania: Geamăna’s Sunken Church

When it comes to Romania, trips to the countryside are do-it-yourself ventures.  How much fun you have depends on how willing you are to forego convenience in exchange for some shockingly wild experiences.  For example, there’s Geamăna: once a sleepy little mountain town, it now resides deep beneath a slurry of toxic mine drainage thanks to communist-era vicissitudes.  Today, only the church remains above the noxious sludge, as it was the highest … Continue reading Do-It-Yourself Romania: Geamăna’s Sunken Church

Walking the Trans-Fagarasan

Romania gets plenty of positive press for its mountain road DN7C, more famously known as the unpronounceable (to English speakers) Transfagarasan highway that crosses over the southern Carpathian Mountains especially after the British show Top Gear named it the best road in the world in 2009. But while most people drive this magnificent road or use bicycles to wend their way through the hairpin curves, … Continue reading Walking the Trans-Fagarasan