Any Given Taxi

Literally every single time I have ever phoned a taxi service to order a cab, this is exactly how the dialogue went: Me: O masina la adresa X, va rog. Dispatcher: *grumpy snorts into phone, says nothing, keys clacking for 30 seconds* Pe ce nume? Me: Sam Dispatcher: Ce? Me: Sâm ca sîmbata Dispatcher: Ah. *keys clacking, garbled radio traffic in the background for a … Continue reading Any Given Taxi

My Guide to Taxis in Romania

This has been a post I’ve been wanting to write for a long, long time. Cars are expensive in Romania and gasoline/diesel is as well. Therefore a lot of the population takes taxis, which are numerous and plentiful just about everywhere. Unless you’re visiting Romania and driving your own car, chances are likely you’re going to take a taxi at some point. Before I say … Continue reading My Guide to Taxis in Romania