WOTD: Purici

I’m always out there looking for words in Romanian that you can’t easily find in the dictionary or that the online translation websites aren’t smart enough to handle. Today’s word is purici (poo-reetch), which under ordinary circumstances just means “fleas”, as in the jumping, biting insects that sometimes infest mammals. Etymologically the only related word in English is pruritis, the “fancy” medical term used for … Continue reading WOTD: Purici

Word of the Day: Lapovita

Here in Romania as we head from autumn to true winter, we reach the gap where cold, freezing rain slowly but surely turns into snow. Just the other day, I heard someone use the word lapovita (lop oh-veet-za) and I knew I had to write about it on the blog. In Romanian, this word specifically refers to when it is simultaneously raining and snowing at … Continue reading Word of the Day: Lapovita