The Net Bag Mini Sack Pack

Following up on my post A Refreshing Drink of Sweet Water Juice, I thought I’d explore some other common words in the Romanian language which have a number of common variants. When I first moved to Cluj-Napoca and I’d go to the grocery store, the clerk would ask me if I wanted a punga. This is probably the most universal word in Romanian for “bag”, … Continue reading The Net Bag Mini Sack Pack

Stores in Romania

Because all Romanian cities (including Bucharest) are heavily pedestrian, you’re going to do a lot of walking around and see a wide variety of stores and shops. Some are self-explanatory (computer stores always say “computer”, for instance) but others are not. In alphabetical order: Amanet – A pawnshop. Trades a lot more in gold and silver than electronic items and the like. If you don’t … Continue reading Stores in Romania