One of the most interesting periods of history that very few people on either side of the Prut River remember today is that there was a Soviet Moldovan Republic long before Romania ceded Bessarabia without a fight in 1940. It took several years after the 1917 “October” Revolution in Russia before the Soviet Union was able to exist as a coherent polity. Some of the … Continue reading Yes, MASSR

No Education Necessary

I had to laugh when the Unsleeping Eye brought me this little ad from a country 10,000 kilometers away from Moldova: But the more I looked at it, the sadder I got, especially when reading “peaceful environment.” There are a lot of really terrible places to live in this world, and that includes the bigger cities in Pakistan like Lahore: In case you’re reading this … Continue reading No Education Necessary

How to Become the President of Moldova in 8 Easy Steps

Most of the world is probably rightly focused on the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump, but here in little old Moldova, Igor Dodon will officially become the president tomorrow (December 23). In case you’ve never witnessed such a spectacle, here is what it takes to officially become the president of Moldova: Win the election. The Speaker of the Parliament hosts a joint session of both … Continue reading How to Become the President of Moldova in 8 Easy Steps

Blaming the Victim

I’ve been keeping my hands clean of the quagmire of Moldovan politics for a while, but this and this is simply too outrageous to ignore. My translation: The speaker of the Parliament, Andrian Candu, who is the godson of the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, said that it is the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who are truly to blame for a culture of widespread corruption. … Continue reading Blaming the Victim

Unification 2018 Campaign Officially Underway

Hey folks, sorry I’ve been “gone” so much these past few days. Honestly, I’m about burned out on all of the 50 other projects I’ve got going on other than this blog. I love talking and writing about Romanian stuff and, if it were up to me, I’d be doing it every day :) Nonetheless, thought I’d post this picture that I took a few … Continue reading Unification 2018 Campaign Officially Underway