Confessions of a Deranged Russia Lover

WORD COUNT: 1231 Well folks, I’ve tried to hide it, minimize it, and evade all general questions on the subject. Unfortunately for me though, a few savvy readers of this site pierced through my veil of mystery and have now outed me. Therefore, I openly confess: I am a filthy R— lover Yep, the only thing worse than a dirty R—-n is a R—- lover. … Continue reading Confessions of a Deranged Russia Lover

In the Land of the Blind

Sometimes I read things online and I honestly believe someone is spoofing me, playing some kind of prank. This morning everyone is talking about the editorial by George Soros that was printed in the New York Review of Books about how evil Vladimir Putin is and how the European Union (and America, via the IMF) needs to spend untold billions of dollars to “save” Ukraine. … Continue reading In the Land of the Blind

The Battle of Tiraspol

Over the weekend I’ve watched with growing dismay as the propaganda war over Transnistria has been heating up. As Hiram Johnson once (allegedly) said, “The first casualty of war is the truth” and during this latest buildup of tensions between Russia and “the West” that’s certainly been the case so I figured I’d do my humble part to set the record straight. Background For centuries … Continue reading The Battle of Tiraspol