My very first Kickstarter project

Wow it has finally launched! YES! Folks, if you’ve been following this blog for a long time, you know about “Project Iceberg”, my little code word for a something I’ve been planning and working on since August 2012 when I wrote my post The Revolution Begins Today. Essentially I looked around here and wondered what I could do to make this city and country a … Continue reading My very first Kickstarter project

Roadshow Heads to Sibiu

Assuming the weather continues to be sunny and summery (as it looks like it will be), this weekend we’re taking the filming road show to Sibiu. If you live in Sibiu or will be visiting there next weekend and want to be part of the fun, please contact me in one of the various ways and we’ll meet up! In the meantime, we’ve been doing … Continue reading Roadshow Heads to Sibiu