Loan Shark

Word Count: 657 Brief background in case you’re just joining us: The Republic of Moldova (where I live) is a divided country, where some people speak Romanian at home and some people speak Russian. Likewise, politics are divided, with some groups wanting to join the European Union, and some groups wanting closer ties with Russia (and its Customs Union, similar to the EU). And so, … Continue reading Loan Shark

Confessions of a Deranged Russia Lover

WORD COUNT: 1231 Well folks, I’ve tried to hide it, minimize it, and evade all general questions on the subject. Unfortunately for me though, a few savvy readers of this site pierced through my veil of mystery and have now outed me. Therefore, I openly confess: I am a filthy R— lover Yep, the only thing worse than a dirty R—-n is a R—- lover. … Continue reading Confessions of a Deranged Russia Lover

Blowing Smoke

Word Count: 1810 It’s been an interesting week in Romania. What started out as a one-note story, that 27 people died in a fire at a club/disco soon morphed into wide-scale protests, and the “sudden” resignation of the Prime Minister (and a few other minor hacks). The Western media has been scrambling to knit these facts into a cohesive story, all without success. For low-attention-span … Continue reading Blowing Smoke