Friday Filosophizing

It looks like the final polishing of the book will be done this weekend, thus freeing up some time for me today. Therefore it’s time for another long Friday piece. When I’m not writing or thinking about Romania, I have a number of other “hobbies”. One of them is an almost obsessive-compulsive fascination with Sumerian literature. Another is an equally engrossing fascination with probability theories. … Continue reading Friday Filosophizing

The Script

The other day, in talking with The Woman’s parents, they began to lecture me on how things were in the Communist days. Out of respect, I listened attentively and said nothing in disagreement. But the truth is that I’ve heard every word before (sometimes almost identically) from many other people, many times before. I’ve referred to this as the “narrative” before but in my own … Continue reading The Script

Acum Vorbim Frumos In Tara Asta

I had to bust out the first Scolding of Righteousness of the year yesterday. If you’ve never been to Romania before, I have to explain a certain concept that drives the mentality concerning consumer goods. Whenever you buy anything electronic here, expensive or not, Romanians universally insist on: Having the ability to plug in the device/object somewhere and test it out and see if it … Continue reading Acum Vorbim Frumos In Tara Asta