Bătaie în curu gol

I often get accused by my critics of being too focused on the negative aspects of Romania, a surprising behavior for a person supposedly so fond of the place. But from my perspective, showing concern is just another way of showing how much you care. Nonetheless, I thought it was time for an unambiguously positive story! Sticks and Swords Despite the Romanian press’s shaky journalistic … Continue reading Bătaie în curu gol

The Book of Revelation 9:10

I’ve been busy as hell lately, celebrating birthdays, taking more homeless people to the doctor, nursing a cat with a broken leg (she’s okay now, thank goodness) and doing a ton of writing for my new book but I’ve still had time to keep an eye on the news and it’s been a doozy here in Romania lately. Isn’t it always? – The fallout from … Continue reading The Book of Revelation 9:10

Word of the Day: Prohod

Well here’s a word you won’t hear every day: prohod. In fact, the only time you’ll (probably) ever hear it is today because it refers to the specific Orthodox religious ceremony conducted on Good Friday. The word prohod specifically refers to funeral rites or the series of prayers and ceremonies conducted when someone is buried. What’s interesting (to me) is that the Slavic (yep) root … Continue reading Word of the Day: Prohod