True Love and Apple Pie

Word Count: 4625 Oh my lord, am I even still alive? Well, it appears I’m still breathing, which is a good thing :) A couple of weeks ago, a man named Bill Backer finally died, leading to a lot of sympathetic news coverage. I’ve made my sentiments on advertising men well-known over the years but even I couldn’t escape the clutches of Coca-Cola’s famous commercial … Continue reading True Love and Apple Pie

How To Survive a Romanian Piata

If you’re coming to Romania and you’re either 1) trying to save a little money and/or 2) wanting to eat incredibly fresh food, you need to listen up. The word in Romanian is piata (pee-ahtza) which just means “market” or “square” or “plaza” or lots of other things. In this case, think of a “farmer’s market” in which fresh meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit are … Continue reading How To Survive a Romanian Piata