Mad Men

I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with all the feedback I’ve been getting from readers about my new book The Colony. I was even stopped in a local store by someone who was reading the book, which was amazingly cool. I put a hell of a lot of hard work into writing a fast-paced story that’s easy to read and I’m very happy that people are enjoying … Continue reading Mad Men

The warm smell of paprika rising up through the air

Well here in Unicorn City we’re in the middle of the yearly Hungarian Days festival which is perfect timing as always because there are exactly three Romanians left in the city. It’s a week long festival that culminates perfectly with Saint Stephen’s Day, the greatest hero in Hungarian history. I can’t say that I ever participate much in the Hungarian days festival, mostly because I … Continue reading The warm smell of paprika rising up through the air

Don’t Touch My Bags If You Please

I’m not going to turn this blog into all Cluj-Napoca all the time but once again the moronic team running Cluj (actually the county of Cluj this time rather than the city) have dropped the ball: Low-cost airline Wizz Air will reduce its transport capacity on Romania’s Cluj-Napoca International Airport by 26% as of May 5, moving its operations to the Targu Mures Airport, because … Continue reading Don’t Touch My Bags If You Please

Word of the Day: Vagány

Do you remember those three words which meant “cool” in Romanian, especially the word tare? If you do, you remember that the root meaning of the original word is “strong” or “heavy” or “tough” and the like. Today’s word is: vagány. Hopa! This is an entirely Hungarian word and never used in Romanian. I went down from my kingdom and visited a Hungarian friend of … Continue reading Word of the Day: Vagány