Down By Law

WORD COUNT: 2809 Oh my. You know, it’s relatively easy for me to sit here at my keyboard and remotely dissect all of the overwhelming number of serious problems with the Romanian justice system. But it’s quite another thing to hear about it from a true insider, in this case, Raluca Pruna, the “technocrat” Justice Minister. Note: In this article, I won’t even refer to … Continue reading Down By Law

Writing Books to Get Out of Jail

After the issue garnered a ton of media attention around the world, the Romanian Justice Minister used her enhanced powers* to eliminate the “write a book, get out of jail more quickly” system: Romania says it is changing a law that allowed prisoners to reduce their sentences by writing books. Convicts could cut 30 days off their jail terms if they published a work of … Continue reading Writing Books to Get Out of Jail