Let’s Talk About The Flipping Witch Tax

I don’t talk about Twitter too much but the truth is that I use it quite a lot. Amongst watching Markovian chains unfold in real time and other fun with ngrams, it’s an extremely useful tool to see what people (worldwide) are saying about Romania at any given time. Imagine one of those TV-style heart monitors in a hospital with the green background and the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About The Flipping Witch Tax

Following the 37 Steps :P

Oh my word, I just found this old post that was printed in the (UK) Telegraph newspaper, which made me smile. I have to give this lady respect for her honesty, that’s for sure. A few choice quotes: As my third anniversary in Bucharest passed, I realised I was becoming that person I had previously derided: the expat who has spent years in a country … Continue reading Following the 37 Steps :P