The Grandmaster

Many years ago I was eating dinner in a restaurant in Bucharest when my companions began pointing and whispering excitedly. It turned out that Gheorghe Hagi was eating at a nearby table. I not only didn’t recognize him by sight but I had literally never heard of him despite the fact that he is widely considered to be this country’s greatest football (USA: soccer) player … Continue reading The Grandmaster

The Bitter Taste of False Power

I haven’t been enticed by television in many a year now (thank the gods and the Man Jesus) but back in 2004, I was unemployed and freshly relocated to Romania, trying to learn the language. I watched a lot of television in those days and remember quite well the presidential elections of that year, in which a more respected politician named Teodor Stolojan bowed out … Continue reading The Bitter Taste of False Power

Am Venit Sa Dau Drumu’ La Lumina

I will warn you ahead of time – this is going to be a long one. Yes, for an entire week I was indeed “dead” – not in the corporeal sense but in the “virtual” sense. I was cut off from the internet for an entire week. My electricity was cut and without it, almost every trace of my modern life disappeared in an instant. … Continue reading Am Venit Sa Dau Drumu’ La Lumina

The Grand Master Says the Medicine is Working…For Now

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend not to follow the daily ins and outs of Romanian politics but I do keep an ever-vigilant eye on what the oleaginous Mugur Isarescu is up to at any given time. I came across this article (in English) about Romania’s budgetary cutbacks and how they are affecting the healthcare system in this country, which included this: Following a 7.1 … Continue reading The Grand Master Says the Medicine is Working…For Now