4.4 Billion Dollars

Due to all of the protests against the PSD’s attempts to legalize corruption earlier this year, it escaped most people’s attention that Grindeanu’s Culture Ministry finally filed the paperwork to make Rosia Montana a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alas, it’ll take until July 2018 for it to be certified and approved by the United Nations, but it’s a good start. Unfortunately for the people of … Continue reading 4.4 Billion Dollars

Banker Hired to Sell Romania

They always say that if you want to make a little money, rob a bank, but if you want to make a ton of money, become a banker. I guess the Romanian government agrees: The government has appointed Manuel Costescu, an investment banker at JP Morgan, as state secretary in charge of the Department for Foreign Investments and Public-Private Partnerships (DPIIS), according to a decision … Continue reading Banker Hired to Sell Romania

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

No matter how stupid and inept the government is, no matter how poorly the economy is faring and no matter how low the salaries in this country are, Romanians have always been able to solace themselves with the fact that at least we’re ahead of Bulgaria. In just about every ranking of the 27 European Union member states, Romania has come in 26th, only just … Continue reading Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

At Play in the Glass Hall of the Lord of Cluj

Well it actually happened. I met the mayor of Cluj-Napoca yesterday. Obviously nobody in the administration has discovered my “secret identity” yet LOL. This is a part two of a story which began here but I need to rewind to the very beginning. At some point in the past, someone in the mayor’s office in Cluj decided that it would be a good idea to … Continue reading At Play in the Glass Hall of the Lord of Cluj