The Potter’s House – Maramures

I’ve always loved Maramures. Known in Romania as a kind of living museum that preserves much of the country’s traditional heritage, this blogger shares a number of photos of the work of Daniel Les, a potter who still makes art the old-fashioned way. If you’ve ever wanted to take a pottery class in Maramures, here’s where to do it. They also operate a small inn … Continue reading The Potter’s House – Maramures

Romanian Handicrafts: Gobelin

Two Romanian immigrants in Ohio (USA) are keeping alive the ancient art of fine needlepoint: Burtea, a Romanian immigrant who moved to the states in 1994, took up the craft as a teenager, alongside her mother Stela. – “It was in communist Romania, so you didn’t really have much distraction,” she told the Star Beacon — usually, kids read books or played outside. “There wasn’t … Continue reading Romanian Handicrafts: Gobelin