The Romantic Hellhole Everyone Loves (to Hate)

Once again, the British show their predilection for sneering at Romania for being an ex-Communist hellhole of Gypsy poverty while simultaneously embracing it for its traditional rustic charm in a new piece by The Guardian. Hats off to the journalist for actually going to Romania. And for speaking to a guy who once did me a kindness that I failed to appreciate (Cristian Lupsa). And … Continue reading The Romantic Hellhole Everyone Loves (to Hate)

The White Billionaire’s Burden

About 100 years ago, a famous British man wrote a poem about poor and uneducated little brown people (of the Phillipine Islands) and how it was the white man’s “burden” to help them. I was reminded of that sentiment once again this morning after reading an open letter from billionaire George Soros in the Guardian exhorting once again a policy of forcing education on Gypsy … Continue reading The White Billionaire’s Burden

We don’t need no thought control

I know this is going to sound weird but for a long time I thought that Pink Floyd was an American band but realized later obviously it wasn’t. Of course you’d think most British people would know about Pink Floyd but apparently Rebecca Ratcliffe at The Guardian had not. Fair enough, I said. So I posted a link to it on my Facebook and Twitter. … Continue reading We don’t need no thought control