Double Plus Ungood

Although I often write about the strange and mysterious aspects of the Romanian language (and its grammar), sometimes things are fairly straightforward. One example is the prefex “ne” in Romanian, which generally follows right along with the prefix “un” in English, to indicate an opposite meaning. adevarat/neadeverat – true/untrue placut/neplacut – pleasant/unpleasant However there are some words you need to know which – very importantly … Continue reading Double Plus Ungood

His, Hers, Mine, Yours, Ours and Theirs: Part 1

Yesterday we talked about the Possessive A and now it’s time to follow up with a similar grammar entity – the personal pronoun. In English these are fairly simple – my (mine), your(s), his, hers, ours and theirs. Spanish likewise, mio(s)/mia(s), nuestro(s)/nuestra(s), etcetera. Romanian is a little more complicated of course ;) Let’s start off with the words for “my”, which vary by gender and … Continue reading His, Hers, Mine, Yours, Ours and Theirs: Part 1

The Possessive “A”

Part one can be found here. A few months ago, I mentioned that on the back of all Romanian money it says Banca Nationala a Romaniei and someone asked what that “a” means, and how to use it. As we know quite well, Romanian is a language with declinations, which means that the “receiving” noun has a special form which can denote possession. Ex: Centrul … Continue reading The Possessive “A”

Word of the Day: Iar

Speaking of absolutely no Slavic influence whatsoever in the Romanian language, it’s a good time to look at the word iar (yar). If you are a native English (or Italian/Spanish/French etc) speaker than you have to understand that in some *coughcough* languages there’s actually two ways to say the word “and”. If you’re a beginner student of the Romanian language the word you need to … Continue reading Word of the Day: Iar