…For a Fistful of Nothing

Well in case you hadn’t heard yet, Romania has now officially committed to hosting an American missile base in Deveselu, just southeast of Craiova. This is idiocy piled on top of idiocy, but the icing on the cake can be found here (Ro), in which Bogdan Aurescu (a senior official in the Foreign Ministry) clearly states what he thinks is the deal. My translation: “The … Continue reading …For a Fistful of Nothing

Hey, Hey We’re The Foreigners!

Ah yes, we cannot forget the foreigner in Romania, of which there are far more than one would guess at first glance. So whom shall you expect to meet on your travels besides the native peoples? Let’s start with groups. Missionaries – Ah yes, praise the Lord. Save up your pennies and come stand on the street corner in Romania, passing out pamphlets and having … Continue reading Hey, Hey We’re The Foreigners!