A few weeks (months?) ago I had to adjust the comment settings on this blog because we were getting inundated with a ton of spam, including “comments” written entirely in Chinese (I know, WTF?) so I made it so that I personally had to approve a person’s ability to comment (after which, the person can post freely). I got a lot of comments from new … Continue reading Rebuttal

Word of the Day: Maidanez

I’m sure many of you have been following along with the events unfolding in Egypt, incredibly reminiscent of Romania’s own 1989 revolution. My hat is definitely off to Al-Jazeera‘s live coverage (in English) as it has been phenomenal. The center of Egypt’s protests is in “Tahrir Square”, also known as “Midan” (sometimes Maidan) Tahrir, which translates to Liberation (Tahrir) Square (Maidan). I recognized this word … Continue reading Word of the Day: Maidanez