Park Wherever You Like

Well it’s time to unveil a little “secret”, which is that Digi24 news channel has set up a bureau here in Cluj-Napoca. I say “secret” because it’s hidden way up behind the CENTRAL shopping center and isn’t marked in any way or officially announced. I know it’s there because I’ve been up there – the channel foolishly invited me up there to film me on … Continue reading Park Wherever You Like

The Ballad of Cupru Min

Well as I’ve written about before, the Pig Man and the Daddy Isarescu had big plans for Romania in 2012 with the first step to be selling off equity shares (or the entire company) of some of the last of this country’s state-owned firms. The first one on the block was Cupru Min (literally “Copper Mining”), a company that has rights to several large copper … Continue reading The Ballad of Cupru Min

Japanese Nuclear Nightmare Could Be Our Own

For all of us living here in Romania, I suppose it is rather good news that we’re nowhere near being downwind of any radioactivity (Rom) from Japan’s crumbling nuclear reactors. For people living in Japan, however, it looks like there might be some serious trouble. For the best round-up of information on this topic (in English), I recommend this link. Why am I mentioning all … Continue reading Japanese Nuclear Nightmare Could Be Our Own