Another Really Bad Day for Air Moldova

Air Moldova spokesperson Dumitru Niculăiță has been referring to the anonymous letter from Air Moldova employees a “fake”, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are major problems going on with this airline. Yesterday alone, there were two incidents. The first one involved an Antalya (Turkey) to Chisinau flight. My translation: When the plane touched down on the runway at the Chisinau Airport, a tire … Continue reading Another Really Bad Day for Air Moldova

Loan Shark

Word Count: 657 Brief background in case you’re just joining us: The Republic of Moldova (where I live) is a divided country, where some people speak Romanian at home and some people speak Russian. Likewise, politics are divided, with some groups wanting to join the European Union, and some groups wanting closer ties with Russia (and its Customs Union, similar to the EU). And so, … Continue reading Loan Shark