Gifts and Souvenirs

Here on the site, we love Romania quite a lot. As such, we’ve taken the liberty to design a number of amazing souvenirs and gifts to show our love for Romania, which you can find click here.


  1. Kerri says:

    Well my wonderful friend, I’m so glad you are still treating your body with love :)


  2. Jeff Kelso says:

    Just a suggestion: make the links to the Zazzle site with the HTML “target=”_blank”. That way people will go to the external site but still be on your site.


    1. Edwin says:

      Although operating a bunsseis sounds cool and all that. However precise fact, I think you have to form a schedule so that you don’t get too involved. I favored that things you talked about “lifestyles is steadiness”. Possibly hiring someone do your paintings is a great idea.


  3. Teea says:

    I’m trying to be raw-vegan too :P I was one for a few months but then the American work&travel summer came up and I started to eat cheese and milk again.. Now, once in a while, I still eat cheese..but I hope not for long :) being raw-vegan has so many positive aspects! you feel great! I added this blog in my list too :P


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