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  1. Hannelore says:

    Sam, I like your blog, it’s pretty funny. I am a Romanian living in US; been here for 6 years and married an American.
    I am sure you got your ears full after the “Brat” article; as a Romanian it really hurt me to read it.
    Some things are true; nobody, no country is perfect. But the people? To say that Americans are fun, good people? Yuck- so false!!! (and remember I am married with one!)
    American people are so lazy, so dirty, so illiterate and obnoxious in their belief that they are the best, the toughest and living in the best county in the world (which truly is not so bad since I choose to live here and have kids here!). The way they spend all their money (even the ones they don’t actually have!),the way they raise their kids, their total ignorance… Man, maybe you need to come home for a while!
    Yeah, Romanians care about clothes and spend money on (good) food, they are vain and sadly the popular culture sucks those days, but we are far from being spoiled and insensitive.
    I hardly have any American friends here because of how they are…most of my friends are immigrants like me; I can hardly share any topic to my good neighbors besides weather and (crappy ) food they just buy at some restaurant/ fast food joint. They are limited and simple. And how about the cast system; the guys with money (and more educated) keep for themselves; you can’t see/ talk to them as they hurry along in their shinny SUVs, and spend their time in places where the simple, budget-living person can’t make it. But I am willing to think that maybe it’s like this only in Kentucky where I live. North and South and West are different, I hope.
    Reality has so many faces. You just can’t pick one and call it true.


    1. jos_cenzura says:

      I know American society well also, and i can say that – indeed, they are much less curious than romanians (maybe because they have it all) – but they are definitely not stupid, nor lazy. Their Protestant work ethic is impossible to keep up with (maybe that’s why they seem less educated, they have less time to spend on wikipedia and more time to actually produce something), and they wouldn’t rule the world if they were that stupid. I mean, when we were spending entire years debating whether the hen or the egg came first, they were in their offices hard at work. They are not as outgoing as Romanians, hence because they are more private, you tend to see them as dumber, but trust me, once you get to know them very well and they open up to you (it may take decades!) you will see they are not dumb at all, and have a certain common sense superior to that of Romanians. And I have been to parts of the US where their hospitality matches that of any Romanian village (i.e. rural Arkansas). But I can see your point about not being able to befriend them easily, they don’t tend to open up (and I am talking about white Americans here), unless they are abroad, in which case they may surprise you. While Europe still hangs on to the class structure (aristocracy, middle class, and lower class), the Americas are all about one class (middle class) which doesn’t concern itself with lofty ideals or exaggerated manners, but rather with hard work, production, material accumulation, and innovation. And for their level of innovation, they have (as well as import) some damn smart, hardworking people.


  2. Iulia says:

    I love your blog. Congratulations. I can see that you’re having lots fun travelling around. Hope Romania is treating you nice. :) Multa Bafta. x


  3. Adrian L. Fulga says:

    Hi Sam ,

    I’d like to add Your blog link to My Blog roll ( It’s a humble blog o hospitality ) if You think is ok , please let me know !

    P.S. You’re doing a awsome job !


  4. Anonymous says:

    sam. i like you! and you find a real rare and true think ! the real romania is hidden, and you ve got to have something to smell it!!!!!!good luck!


  5. Eugen Străistaru says:

    Dude, come on….I just read a post of yours about McCann Erickson…..why I cannot comment?
    If ur posting, then take responsability for it and let people talk about what you say…..I mean……its like… sais one does, doesn`t matter what the rest think.

    Știu că vrei română dar mai bine înțelegi dacă îți zic pe limba ta.

    PS: If ur afraid of moderation, tell me!


  6. corneliu says:

    Cumetre, efectiv nu mai pot! NU pot citi atat, intelege-ma si pe mine frate, deschid blogul tau de trei ori pe zi, dar nu pot citi 3 ecrane la un post. Este peste mana, scrii si foarte intortochiat si nu pot citi pe deasupra. Efectiv, ma disperi. Nu zic sa scrii monosilabic, dar nu este bine asa.

    Cu mult respect!


  7. Eugen Străistaru says:

    Question, if you can clarify…..I had a contradictory discussion with a friend a few days ago….meaning the diffrence between “common sense” and “decency”.
    In short….he was saying that “common sense” = bun simț (same as decency) ….is that true?
    I feel that it means more like “la mintea tuturor” or “înțelegere comună”



    1. jos_cenzura says:

      your friend is a jackass, and you are right: decency = bun simt, common sense = “la mintea tuturor” (you said it as well as i’ve heard anyone say it); there is even an expression in America “common sense is not so common”. And the one piece of literature that mobilized the Americans to revolution (ironically written by an Englishman, Thomas Paine) was called “Common Sense”.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sam

    Bought your Book “Insider’s Guide” loved it! Like your blog and your documentary videos. I am planning a trip in June, so may look you up in Cluj and buy you a brew (or 2) if you are available.

    Cheers and thank you for the very enjoyable writing and all your works.
    Bill from California


  9. corneliu says:

    Cumetre. te apreciez, foarte mult, bravo tie. Nu mai vreau sa te laud sau sa te admir ca nu ti-ar folosi la nimic.
    Am si eu o rugaminte. Te rog scrie articole mai scurte. Pur si simplu nu am rabdare sa citesc atat, ma descurc bine cu engleza, dar tu scrii foarte literar, parca ai fi w faulkner. Nu suntem toti asa. Dar ideea este , daca se poate sa scrii articole mai scurte,. pur si simplu cedez nervos cand vad trei ecrane. Trebuie sa intelegi, fara sa te superi, ca este imposibil de urmarit asa ceva. Nu zic sa faci fraze mai putin alambicate, dar nu merge asa, uita-te si alti bloagari de limba romana.

    Cu foarte multa stima.


  10. Bill Shen says:

    On my weekly flight back to Germany, I happened to sit next to the gentleman who was jailed and then migrated to the US that you described in the blog. We had a chat on life and food because his wife and I share the same culinary culture. since one year, I am almost in Cluj weekly and would like to buy the “insider’s guide”. Our office in located down town in Str. Anatole France so I am pretty mobile when I am in Cluj. Look forward to seeing you.


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