The 10 Commandments of Covid-19

1) You shall have no other diseases before Me.

2) You shall not make for yourself a meme or share a post on social media that questions Me, for I am a jealous disease.

3) You shall not question the necessity of the vaccine because Covid-19 will not hold him guiltless who does not submit to His vaccine.

4) Remember the lockdown, to keep it holy. Two meters distance you shall suffer in all of your interactions. Neither you nor your wife nor your son nor daughter nor your male servant nor your female servant may leave the house while in lockdown. Covid-19 has blessed the lockdown and hallowed it.

5) Honor your government and the World Health Organization so that your days may be long in the New Normal which Covid-19 is giving you.

6) You shall not believe fake news.

7) You shall not ask questions about the flu.

8) You shall not steal another’s right to life by refusing to wear a face mask.

9) He who bears false witness against Me shall not have a voice on social media or be listed on Google.

10) You shall not be jealous of your high net worth neighbors who are raking in billions of dollars in profits, nor their freedom to travel internationally, nor their wholesale crushing of small businesses, nor their tax breaks from the government, nor anything else that is to their benefit.


One thought on “The 10 Commandments of Covid-19

  1. Why romanian are not protesting so much like other countries? I thought they could recognise communism easily


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