The Girl King of Moldova

In contrast to the hapless United States, the Republic of Moldova held its presidential elections this month with results tabulated and published within hours.

The first round was held on November 1 and saw no party receive more than 50% of the votes, so the second round or run-off elections were held yesterday, November 15.

In both instances, Sandu won, so she is now the first female president-elect of Moldova.

Blind Eye

EuroNews interviewed some random people ahead of the first round, and the video (in English) is well worth watching.

One guy standing in front of the Chisinau central post office said, “If Dodon wins, there’ll be allegations of fraud. But if Sandu wins, the fraud won’t matter.”

And he was right.

Promo-Lex, the US-funded propaganda group that has been self-appointed to “monitor” the elections, found 337 examples of fraud (🇲🇩), some of them serious, some of them ridiculous.

For example, in one case in Chisinau, a voter was caught taking selfies, which is a violation of the law.

Other cases involved people walking up to officials and asking how much money they could make for selling their vote, which is a more serious violation.

There was also this really weird incident (my translation):

At around 11:00 am, at the polling station in the village of Hagimus in Causeni district, a Toyota vehicle with [PMR] license plate A981Ha, pulled up and between seven and eight people got out who were residents of Pridnestrovie. The observation team told them to go find a different polling place.

No clue what that was about, but the “Veterans” had previously warned that they would not allow a single PMR resident to vote in Hagimus.

All told, maybe a dozen or so people were alleged to have gotten or sought payment for their votes, not the “tens of thousands” that are always alleged to have broken the law.

But that didn’t stop the Moldovan media from screaming about the goddamn ghost buses as usual.


But the real fraud took place in Varnita. Apparently, only EuroNews reported on the situation. Otherwise, I didn’t hear a peep out of the international media, including Romanian media.

In case you forgot, Varnita is the weird Moldovan exclave located between the city of Bender and the PMR-controlled village of “Severny” (which means “northern”). I’ve been there several times before when Moldova, in a fit of pique, froze all access from PMR to the international banking system.

A week before the first round of voting, the so-called “Veterans” of Moldova started distributing flyers, warning that they would block any PMR residents from entering and voting.

This despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of PMR residents are Moldovan citizens and have the legal right to vote (in places like Hargimus and Varnita).

Voters lined up in Varnita during the second round

These so-called “Veterans” are neither ex-members of the military nor former participants in a war. Instead, they are primarily gray-haired thugs in their 50s and 60s who joined in on the looting of Bender in 1992.

In January of this year, during the Before Times, one of these “Veteran” assholes smashed the glass doors of the Moldovan parliament in Chisinau over some perceived outrage by the then-Defense Minister, so they’re well known for causing trouble.

On November 1, during the first round of the elections, the “Veterans” not only tried to stop cars from entering Varnita (from PMR), but they then tear-gassed at least one person waiting in line to vote.

They were joined by Igor Grosu, a member of Sandu’s PAS party, who literally used his car to block the road until the police intervened. At one point, he was on film screaming about a van “full of illegal voters” that crossed into Varnita, but it turned out that it was carrying a group of young children going to play in a football match.

On November 15, during the second round, Grosu was back in Varnita, and this time he was joined by even more “Veterans” who punched, kicked, and assaulted several voters despite a heavy police presence.

In all cases, the altercations were caught on video (to see the footage for yourself, visit my Telegram channel), but so far, no fines or punishments have been doled out.

A Saint Surrounded by Sinners

Maia Sandu is, without a doubt, mentally ill, but for her, that’s a plus, not a minus.

She is 48 years old, has no children, and has never been married. As far as I know, she’s never even dated anyone.

From all the things I’ve read and seen, she truly is “married to the job,” that job being getting Moldova into the European Union at all costs.

She was born in Moldova but she’s a Romanian citizen (🇲🇩) who has spent most of her adult life in either Romania or the United States, which makes her a very weird choice for Moldova.

But her religious fervor does make her seem incorruptible, which is the main reason I think that most people voted for her.

However, whatever her personal qualities might be, she is the leader of one of the most disgusting and sick organizations in the region. Her PAS (“Party of Action and Solidarity” in Romanian) is full of fascists, anti-Semites, and vigilantes.

Remember Igor Grosu, the idiot who decided to “police” the border and stop people from legally voting?

Well, he was doing so not just as a PAS member of parliament but also as a registered voting observer for the presidential elections. And when a CIS election monitor walked over to him to inquire what he was doing, Grosu threatened him with violence as well.

Furthermore, Grosu is the vice-president of PAS, second only to Sandu, and head of the PAS bloc in parliament (which controls a measly 15 seats out of 101 total).

Other fun-loving PAS members include the virulent anti-Semite Eleonora Cherkavsky and her best pal, the fascist bootlicker Ion Iovcev, both of whom live in PMR and should have been, theoretically, stopped from voting according to Grosu.

Another “amazing” PAS member is Lilian Carp who is aligned with the very worst fascist elements in Moldova, namely Dorin Chirtoaca and other “unionists” who think that Moldova should be immediately annexed to Romania regardless of how unpopular that move would be.

And we can’t forget “Mihai” Popsoi (actual name, Mihail Popsoi, born in Russia) who likes to pretend that he’s Romanian. His dad is one of those “Veterans” thugs as well.

Popsoi is a Soros man through and through and has worked for NATO in Moldova for nearly 10 years.  You might remember when Soros was caught red-handed illegally interfering in Moldovan politics with the aid of people like Popsoi.

A Tough Road Ahead

Unlike in Romania or France, the president of Moldova doesn’t have that much power.

Remember that outgoing President Igor Dodon has been “temporarily suspended” from office numerous times, sometimes for just hours, so that the Parliament could bypass his veto despite the fact that this is completely illegal.

The Moldovan parliament is completely outside of Sandu’s control and will likely remain so for the near future, so it’s highly unlikely that she’ll be able to get much favorable legislation pushed through.

It’s also worth remembering that she was kicked out of office just a year ago for trying to personally control the District Attorney’s office and name all the head prosecutors herself.

As usual, neither the EU nor the US said diddly squat about any of the above.

After being declared the new president-elect, the first phone call of congratulations she got was from Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, which was to be expected.

But her second phone call of the day was from Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (🇲🇩). You might remember her as the self-declared “winner” of the August 8 presidential elections in Belarus.

Despite three other candidates running, the EU somehow magically “divined” that Svetlana won the Belarus elections and have proceeded until this day on that basis.

It’s unknown how Sandu will get along with Russia, but Vladimir Putin did call and congratulate her on her win. Over in Romania, the increasingly moronic Cristian Tudor Popescu warned Sandu about receiving a “Novichok vaccine,” which is so stupid that I won’t even comment on it further.

The US Embassy, of course, was ecstatic that she won.

Red = Dodon, Yellow = Sandu

Other enormous challenges facing Sandu include the fact that the north and south of Moldova absolutely hate her.

During the 2019 parliamentary elections, her party couldn’t find a single candidate to run in either Gaugauzia or the Bulgarian area around Taraclia. And she was trounced in both rounds by Dodon in those areas.

And while Sandu probably speaks Russian fluently, she’s never done so in public (that I’m aware of), meaning she’s quite alienated from large segments of the Moldovan public that don’t speak Romanian.

And last, but definitely not least, Sandu and her PAS party are rabidly anti-Tiraspol despite the fact that not one of them has ever even set foot here. Considering the myriad of ongoing and unresolved issues that need to be negotiated, the fact that she refuses to speak to anyone here is not good news at all.

The Loser Keeps On Losing

Lost in all the noise was the fact that Andrei Nastase, Moldova’s perennial loser, lost again.

A year ago, he was an ally of Sandu’s. The pact that they made between them was that she would become prime minister and then she would support him for president. But after she got ousted from office, she reneged on the deal.

Therefore, Nastase ran against her this year (for president). Renato Usatii, who is sort of like Moldova’s “Donald Trump” (big fortune made from devious ways plus loves to make politically incorrect jokes) made me laugh when he promised to buy Nastase a luxury car if he (Nastase) got more than 10% of the vote.

Well, of course, Nastase didn’t get enough votes (despite spending more than any other candidate), so now we can add “the presidency” to one more thing that this moron has lost. So that made me laugh.

As for the rest? Well, we’ll just have to see.

3 thoughts on “The Girl King of Moldova

  1. Maia Sandu is with the PAS political party. Wikipedia lists it as Center Right. Sandu is partial to the EU which is a leftist Globalist organization of non-elected bureaucrats. Being partial to the EU is not a good sign. I understand that the countries with problematic economies like the idea of redistribution of wealth from the EU but along with that comes the forced concept of uncontrolled immigration. Maybe Sandu is not as Center right as the Wikipedia says. Maybe she is a Manchurian candidate for the Left.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are the most despicable person I ever encounter among people who write on the internet.
    Maia Sandu is pro Romania and the west and you blame her that she speaks only Romanian, and why not, is not Romanian her mother tongue.
    So, in your idiotic opinion, she is to speak Russian but Russians don’t have to learn Romanian which is the official language of the country.
    Then you called her mentally ill, sure you are mentally ill not her witch studied at Harvard and worked for World Bank.
    I wish you will be kinked out from Moldova too like you were kicked from Romania and stay in communist Transnistria or even better move to Russia or even farther to Siberia.

    Liked by 1 person

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