Pridnestrovie vs. the Transnistria Governorate

Realizing that some people prefer short, visual explanations over lengthy written ones, here are three pictures that will help you understand the difference between Ion Antonescu’s Transnistria Governorate during WW2 and the modern nation of Pridnestrovie (aka what fascists insist on referring to as “Transnistria”).

This map shows the deportation of Jews, Gypsies, and other “undesirables” from Antonescu’s Romania. “Bessarabia” corresponds to the present-day Republic of Moldova (which is now smaller than it was during WW2).

1942 administrative map of Bessarabia (Moldova) and Transnistria (separated by the thick purple line). Note that Transnistria is roughly the same size as Bessarabia.

Modern-day Pridnestrovie and Moldova. Notice how small Pridnestrovie is? That’s because it has nothing to do whatsoever with World War 2 “Transnistria.”

Got it now? GOOD!

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