A Painfully Cheap Publicity Stunt

Cardboard USA flag not included

Yesterday, only on their Facebook page, and not on their website or other social media accounts, the US Embassy in Moldova bragged about their really cheap publicity stunt:

Hospitals on the left bank of the Dniestr River [i.e. Pridnestrovie] today received 10 donated tablet computers funded by the U.S. Embassy in Moldova. Hospitals in Tiraspol and Slobozia got two tablets each, and the others will go to hospitals in Dubasari, Bender, and Rîbnița.

The devices allow patients to communicate with their families while isolated and in intensive care.

Wow…. ten whole tablets? Jeez, so generous!

Furthermore, although you can’t see it in the pictures, the tablets come with a cheap cardboard stand so that they can be held in place above a hospital bed.

And while I’m sure that the lucky patients who don’t already have a smartphone and high-speed internet (monthly price: $1.50) will be glad to play with the new tablets, keep in mind that, if you’re an American citizen in an American hospital, the government won’t do jack shit to help you.

Not only will you not get a free tablet from the government, you’ll be saddled with $30,000 of debt.

Meanwhile, as an American living here in PMR, if I did ever get the virus (or any other disease) and needed treatment, it would be completely free. And I might even get to use the tablet that “my” own government donated.

That’s a painful bit of irony, eh?

Diplomatic Immunity… to Viruses!

Keep in mind that the borders of both Moldova and Pridnestrovie are sealed right now, meaning that an ordinary person (such as myself) cannot zip around, delivering tablets like an Australian Santa Claus.

But since US Embassy personnel have diplomatic passports, they can.

Normally, it makes sense for diplomatic personnel to pass through borders unhindered. And I fully agree with the Vienna Convention which allows for the safe (and uninspected) transportation of papers and other sensitive items.

But the Vienna Convention doesn’t say one damned thing about “all diplomats are immune to viruses and all emergency measures put in place to combat viruses.”

And the US Embassy photographer clearly doesn’t even feel like he needs to wear a fucking mask:

Masks are just for when you’re ON camera, kids!

Christ, the arrogance is unbelievable.

Furthermore, no actual American diplomatic personnel came to PMR to deliver the tablets. God, no. They don’t have time to waste mingling with peasants.

Instead, the “generous donation” was handled by Victoria Novac, a Moldovan citizen whom the US Embassy trusts because she’s a graduate of their propaganda training program.

But hey… at least those poor slobs in the hospital got a Chinese-made tablet, amirite?

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