A mural of Transnistrian president Vadim Krasnoselsky and his family.

Things Will Happen While They Can

Well, the gates have come down. Here in Pridnestrovie, we are completely shut off from the rest of the world.

All borders have been closed, and no tourists are allowed in – only locals.

Apparently, Ukraine took it one step further, seen here blocking one of their own citizens from crossing out of PMR and into Ukraine:

The international news is saying that Montenegro is the only country in Europe without a confirmed case of the virus – but this isn’t true.

There are, currently, zero confirmed cases in Pridnestrovie. But since PMR doesn’t “count” as a country, apparently, viruses can’t exist here either ;)

Whatchoo talking about masks for, Willis?

Starting today, we’re in an official “state of emergency,” but it’s hard to see much difference. Schools, restaurants, and public gathering spots have already been closed for a week.

They are, however, now starting to do temperature checks of all shoppers entering grocery stores:

Face control

Buses and other forms of public transportation are still running, albeit on the “holiday” or reduced schedule. The local taxi company reduced its prices by 20% as a result.

Other than that, though, things seem pretty normal around here.

There are plenty of people out and about in the streets, including mothers pushing babies in strollers (UK: prams), and I’ve yet to see anyone wearing a mask.

In case they are needed, however, the local textile industry here (which is quite extensive) has already geared up to mass-produce masks.

Now it’s now just a question of waiting to see what will happen next…

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