Psalm 120:6-7

At the moment, I don’t have time to put together one of my usual long articles replete with citations, so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that the Moldovan government is probably going to disintegrate within 30 days or less.

After a hard-fought parliamentary election in February, three very ideologically different groups had the most seats, but none of them had an absolute majority.

Two of them – the Socialists and the Romania-financed “ACUM” bloc – formed a shaky coalition in order to create the current Moldovan government. But except for purging the country of the EU-financed oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, they have nothing in common.

Now that Plahotniuc is gone, ACUM and its proxies have opened a full-scale media war against the Socialists, publishing crap like this wherein they accuse President Dodon (former leader of the Socialist Party) of treason simply because he and his family met PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky and his [Krasnoselsky’s] family last week as part of a trust-building exercise.

Too much damn peace!

But media attacks against Dodon are nothing new.

Grenade Tossing

What concerns me today is that ACUM’s media allies have now decided to up the ante by publishing extremely inflammatory fake news.

To wit, yesterday, Ziarul National published this.

My translation:

The political uncertainty in Chisinau seems to have provoked the authorities in Pridnestrovie to take measures.

A few days ago, several vehicles loaded with weapons were caught [on camera] leaving the Cobasna warehouse on their way to Tiraspol.

Ziarul National spoke to several military experts who said that the PMR authorities regularly remove light weaponry from the Cobasna warehouse such as grenades, automatic rifles, and bullets, etc.

If the above were true, it would be a very serious situation. The warehouse complex at Cobasna contains one of the largest stockpiles of (non-nuclear) explosives, weapons, and other dangerous items in all of Europe. If it ever caught on fire, it would produce an explosion bigger than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

The entire complex is 100% controlled by the Russian Army, not the government forces of Pridnestrovie. Therefore, it would be a serious international breach of protocol, and Moldova would need to summon the Russian ambassador, etc. None of that has happened.

The Ziarul National article was accompanied by a grand total of two photographs of the vehicles supposedly loaded down with weapons:

The world’s most boring picture
The invasion begins!

Conveniently, you can’t see the license plate or any other markings on the vehicles, so there’s absolutely no way to tell whom they belong to. Furthermore, the vehicles are going through open countryside which could be anywhere. And, of course, there’s no way to tell if that truck is empty, full of bread and water, or loaded down with bullets.

Furthermore, I know for sure that those photos were not taken “a few days ago.” In the photos, the deciduous trees are completely bare of leaves, and the grass is brown and very short. Those photos were obviously taken during the winter.

Here in Pridnestrovie, we’ve been enjoying some extremely unseasonably hot weather. Last week, daytime highs were around 22-24 Celsius (T-shirt weather), so the grass everywhere is still quite lush and green. Because of the hot weather, the trees here have been slow to drop their leaves, and most of them still have between one-quarter and one-half of their leaves left.

Obviously, the whole story is complete bullshit.

Big Brother

I have no idea who owns Ziarul National right now, but you can tell where Ziarul National’s sympathies lie because of this banner that runs across the top of their website:

Celebrating 100 years since Romania declared its independence

And if you look at the bottom of their home page, you can see that they’ve been too damn lazy to update their copyright notice despite it now being November 2019.

I guess that means you are free to steal anything from their website! LOL

And speaking of stealing, five minutes after ZN published their article, published a nearly identical version, complete with the same wintertime photos of some rando military vehicles.

And here’s what’s at the bottom of Deschide’s website:

He who pays the fiddler calls the tune

Yes, despite being funded by the Romanian government, Deschide is also soliciting funds on Patreon. Fucking pathetic.

And you know what the worst part is? Absolutely nobody will ever question the veracity of this story because it conveniently feeds into the narrative that scary old Pridnestrovie is gearing up for war despite having quite literally not done anything of the sort in more than 25 years.


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