Myth #3: Transnistria Is a Communist Country

Nope, not Communist at all. Sorry!

In fact, the Communist Party is the opposition party in Pridnestrovie. They won just one seat in the 43-seat parliament during the last election. And their deputy is currently in jail (check out #17!)

The Pridnestrovian economy is completely non-Communist and quite capitalist. There is no state planning or widespread state control over the economy. The country’s constitution enshrines a multi-party democracy, and Pridnestrovie has never once even thought about returning to communism as state policy.

Commie, Commie everywhere!

In contrast, it’s actually the Republic of Moldova which is the Communist country.


Unlike what the propaganda outlet Balkan Insight regularly claims, there are plenty of Lenin and Communist statues still standing quite proudly across the Republic of Moldova.

The Communist Party in Moldova is the only Communist party to have ever won control of a democratic government in any country after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Hey, there’s no crying in Communism!

From 2001 until 2009, the Moldovan parliament was controlled by the Communist Party. The Communist Party leader Vladimir Voronin was president of the country for eight years.

Even today, the Communist Party is quite popular in the Republic of Moldova. The northern third of the country is called the “Red District” because the Communist Party wins a lot of elections and controls the majority of local government positions.

Folks, if you’re looking for some real-deal Communism, head on over to the Republic of Moldova ;)

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