Prisoner 1282

Sometimes, I’m so busy that it’s a miracle that I remember to eat breakfast.

Last week, I got a lovely email from one of the biggest chatbot companies in the world, telling me how much they loved my latest game. I say “latest” because I actually wrote and developed it about a year ago when the weather outside was quite similar – cold, snowy, and dark.

You’ll need Facebook Messenger in order to play the game, but it doesn’t cost any money play.

Warning: This is a horror game for adults.

There’s nothing NSFW (not safe for work) in there, but it is designed to be a psychological thriller. The story begins with the titular Prisoner 1282 locked inside a mental hospital, and he needs you to help him escape.

It takes a couple of hours to finish the game, so it’s not a quick “tap tap” and you’re done, but it might be just what some of you are looking to pass the time on a cold winter’s day.

Hope you enjoy it!

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