A Complete and Total Clusterfuck

You know, it’s pretty obvious how I feel about the Romanian government. They’re stupid, lazy, and corrupt as hell. That’s why I created a whole category for those articles.

By now, you’d think I’d be used to their incompetence.

But yesterday? Yesterday takes the cake.

You can read all the details here (in English), but I’ll sum it up for you.

Hold My Beer

First, without warning, without discussion, without any hints or rumors or whispers, the Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovoci, passed one of those “emergency” decrees that instantly become law without any parliamentary debate, discourse, or vote.

The new decree raised taxes on a whole slew of things, most significantly on electricity, natural gas, and the internet. All in all, the new taxes totaled about 2.5 billion euro, and they come into effect immediately.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

The government has plunged the economy into chaos


Immediately, the Romanian stock market nosedived. Banking stocks, in particular, sank like a stone because the new taxes were being called the “greed law” in a somewhat smart spin doctoring move by the PSD.

President Iohannis wasn’t having any of it.

PSD’s greed tax is THEM being greedy!


Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than when the president of a country is going on TV saying shit like “The government literally doesn’t know what it’s doing and the entire economy is in meltdown.”

What a complete and total disaster!

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