High Cotton

To begin with, let me thank all the people who sent me such warm well wishes on the occasion of my second wedding anniversary.

Back in 2015, I know a lot of people were wondering exactly what kind of woman I would marry. Certainly, my in-laws were asking the same question, but for far different reasons.

And although I rarely feel comfortable sharing private moments here on the blog due to sensitivity for my wife’s feelings, today I am happy to reveal some wonderful news that will go a long way towards answering the public’s questions on both sides of the Prut River.

Therefore, without further ado, I hereby proclaim to the entire world that I am immensely proud of my wife for appearing in the latest edition of România Literară:

Cristina Ursu
My amazing wife, yo!

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, România Literară is the official publication of the Romanian Union of Writers, considered the gold standard of Romanian letters.

A long time ago, when my wife first started writing, I asked her when she would make her official debut. She told me to be patient because she was waiting for the right place and the right time.

Through sheer coincidence or cosmic karma, you can see that this edition of RL was published on the exact date of our two-year wedding anniversary.


2 thoughts on “High Cotton

  1. Now time to have children. I hope for four. A joy in your life to have a family and we need the children to keep our part of the world going. Congratulations to you both.


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