Spyder, Spyder, Burning Bright

Here’s a question for you – What if an international film star traveled to Romania to shoot a movie and nobody cared?

Well, of course, that’s exactly what happened last week. As far as I can tell, the entirety of the vaunted Romanian press paid zero attention to the fact that a scene for a major movie was being filmed in the country except for a single article in Ora de Sibiu.

It’s cool to drink Romanian water

For four days, right in the center of town, “Tollywood” film star Mahesh Babu and his crew were in Sibiu to film a dance/song for the upcoming film Spyder.

What is the movie about? Hell if I know:

An Intelligence Bureau Officer embarks on a tough mission to bring down a psychotic sinister terror organization which wrecks havoc in the country.

But I do know that more than 8 million people have already seen the trailer:

I can barely keep up with regular Hollywood films, much less Indian ones, but I do think it’s interesting that they’re literally shooting every scene twice for “Spyder”, the first time in the Telugu language and the second in the Tamil language, which have around 140 million native speakers combined.

I understand why this isn’t top news in Romania, but you’d think it’d at least get a brief mention. After all, every time Nicholas Cage gets drunk in Romania, that certainly makes the news. But seriously, not even a single word about a huge cast of Indian movie stars, dancers, and crew filming in Romania?

Well, even if you don’t give a shit, a few hundred million people in India will get to see Sibiu starting next month, and I think that’s pretty cool.

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